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From the dust

Love Thy Beast is one of 75 artworks selected for the 2023 Black Rock City Honoraria Program and funded in part by Burning Man Project in Black Rock City, Nevada. This installation is an exploration of self-discovery and serves to illuminate the healing that takes place when we greet our beasts with love.




Love Thy Beast is a multifaceted interactive installation that welcomes everyone to participate in the journey of self-discovery. Divine beings have gathered together on the Playa to offer the healing gift of introspection. Bearing a mirror on its chest, each being offers a moment to explore the depths of our reflection and a chance to greet ourselves with love. Adorned with hand crafted masks, the beings display otherworldly creatures, unique and strikingly surreal. A representation of who we are as part of the animal kingdom and the different masks we wear for protection and preservation. Rooted in the center, a merry-go-round awakens the inner child and creates a visual shift in perspective. From stillness to chaos, we step into this playful realm to face our beasts and experience the transformative power of self-love. 

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