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Creating art has always been a means of solace and has given me the power to look within myself and express the unspeakable. My work is primarily based on real life experiences and centered around the emotional impact of meaningful events. Channeling these emotions into a visual creation allows me to transmute inner chaos into order.

As an artist, I am inspired by nature and often incorporate the cyclical pattern of life and death. I tend to explore these elements through the use of symbolism and reaching into the depths of surrealism. I strive to achieve a high level of detail while methodically utilizing space and rhythm to create a sense of wonder. 


My grandfather and mother were both artists and early creative influences. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, art was an integral part of my life and became a beacon of light during turbulent times, including the loss of my parents at a young age. This made a significant impact on my view of the world and the way I express myself through art. 


Over the years, as I explore different media, I find the tactile experience of sculpting to be most rewarding, as I can see and feel the transformation of my feelings and thoughts into physical forms. Establishing a somatic connection with the materials I'm working with further deepens my relationship to the creative process as a whole. 


My goal as an artist is to illuminate the human experience and spark meaningful discussions about the healing nature of art. I hope to inspire others to examine their past and develop the power of memory to deepen the knowledge of self. By exploring my creativity, I honor all my ancestral relations as an Indigenous woman of color.

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